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About us

Club Abzint via the company System Q is an independent organiser of fetish, BDSM and kinky- events. We started our business in 1992 when we organised the first tattoo fairs in Sweden. After 10 years and a number of tattoo exhibitions in both Sweden and Norway we have changed direction. During this period we also developed three tattoo magazines and a photo studio. In 1995 we organised for the first time Stockholm Underground Fashion Fair and the following year Gothenburg Underground Fashion Fair. We then invited subculture associations to come and introduce themselves. It was both leather men and latex lesbians but also intimate adorned couples and swingers. Today, the main focus of our events are still a bit underground.

We organize both large and small events all over Sweden, our hometown is Norrköping, the town where it all started in 2014 with Club Abzint Fetish Ball in a very exclusive environment. The following Fetish ball grew to include dinner servings, kinky fair, lectures and pre parties. Club Abzint have since then arranged both small and big events throughout Sweden.

Club Abzint is a part of Kinky corners at Stockholm and Malmö Pride festivals.

Our wish is to contribute so everybody has the possibility to explore and express their personality regardless of identity. We collaborate and exchange with associations, organizers and boutiques/stores in Scandinavia.

Club Abzint is registered for tax and have all necessary permits.

We have a dresscode changing with the theme of every event, always including Leather, Latex, PVC and Lingerie

Contact: mail@clubabzint.se

This is a Vlog from when we had an information tent on Malmoe Pride Video från Malmö Pride

and this is a video from the intro show of the third Fetish ball. Video från Swedish Open @ Club Abzint

Code of Conduct

At Club Abzint you will meet others in a safe and respectful atmosphere, you will be able to have sessions and explore your limits with both old and new friends. Courtesy, decency, respect and an open attitude regardless who you meet will take you far. Club Abzint welcomes everybody, LGBTQ+ and Cis.

Simple common sense among the fetish- and BDSM-community applies to make this fun, welcoming and safe.
Don’ts: Joining a session uninvited, touching others if not convinced they are ok with this, pursuation and nagging, stalking, rubles, drunkenness, using drugs, cellphones, photography.
Do’s: Make a clear stand if you feel that a guest crosses your limits. ( Let our staff know if you don’t feel comfortable talking to the person – no violence). Take the time to discuss with your partner(s) what expectations and limits you have regarding this evening. Enjoy – best accomplished trough an open mind. This Code of Conduct goes regardless of who you are, submissive, dominant, sadist, masochist, voyeur, exhibitionist or anything in-between.

We will ask guests who don’t follow these guidelines to leave and they’ll be banned. We are not a democratic association. We are Club Abzint.