Dojo Yorokobi hosting workshop by Red Lily

28OktHeldag29Dojo Yorokobi hosting workshop by Red Lily

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Red Lily will be in town for an intensive Shibari workshop with a focus on predicament and torsions for floor work and low suspensions.

The course offers a unique approach on predicament and torsions, adaptable to different bodies and levels of both the rigger and the model. 
Red Lily will guide you through the process of creating complex and safe ties that will leave your partner in a state of suspended bliss. You will learn how to create predicament ties which are designed to put your partner in a challenging or uncomfortable position and torsion ties which involves twisting the body in interesting and unique ways. 

All the ties will be adaptable for different levels and used for floor work, low or high suspensions, based on your competence, desires and style of play. 

Additionally, this course will cover techniques for floor work and low suspensions. You will learn how to create ties that allow comfortable and sustainable suspensions, as well as techniques for safely lowering your partner to the ground. 

Wether you are intermediate or expert practitioner our Shibari course is designed to take your skills to the next level. 

Who can join: This course is for intermediate to advanced riggers and bottoms from advanced beginner to advanced levels. And for beginners with some bodywork background. 

Ability to suspend is not needed, but it is important to have a good knowledge of a good structure of the chest (gote, chest, unversed gote or strappado) and good use of tensions. 

The cours will be taught in English



Oktober 28 (Lördag) - 29 (Söndag)

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